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Understanding the Difference between our one-on-one tutorial sessions and our Guided Study Hall (GSH):

Understanding the Difference between our one-on-one tutorial sessions and our Guided Study Hall (GSH):

Our one-on-one tutorial sessions are taught by experienced, degreed, experts in their field. Your student will be guided and supported by their tutor, following their school’s curriculum, in the area of your choosing – either, math, physics, biology, chemistry or life-science. The tutor will provide both comprehensive support for your student’s in-class courses as well as enrichment in the chosen area. The sessions take place in professional, yet comfortable, offices and your student is not grouped together with others – the instruction is truly one-on-one and tailored to your student’s specific needs.


Our Guided Study Hall (GSH) is intended to support and solidify the instruction your student received in their one-on-one tutorial session. The GSH takes place in our large communal central classroom and is supervised by a degreed tutor. The students take a place at one of our many communal tables and can complete their homework, work on enrichment projects or simply study. When your student has a question or is struggling with a particular problem all they have to do is ask for help – our supervising tutor is ready to help guide your student and provided support and answers to their questions.


This method of supplementing private instruction with a Guided Study Hall is invaluable to maximizing student success and also provides a “best use of time” environment ensuring that needed homework is completed on time. This approach also helps to foster great study skills and time-management in your student. Click HERE to read more about our method.

Our Method

At The Center For Academic Support we utilize a two-pronged approach to maximize student success.

First and foremost is the utilization of the private, one-on-one instructional model. Each student receives individual, student specific, instruction. This enables the tutors to ensure that the specific needs of your student are being addressed. But that’s not where the instruction ends… After each private session our students can then take advantage of our Guided Study Hall (GSH for short). The purpose of our GSH is to ensure two things: (1) that the student can take what was learned in the private session and apply that knowledge to answering questions, completing assignments and preparing for tests and exams and (2) to support our students in the timely completion of their homework assignments and ensure that excellent study skills are being cultivated in our students.

So often it is the case that when a student receives instruction they believe they have absorbed the information but when asked to apply it they need further support. This is why we integrate the private instruction with our GSH to ensure that the information and instruction provided will truly translate to better grades and test scores.


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